Monday, March 14, 2011

Junior Miss

Because of my musical talents and experience I have had the opportunity on numerous occasions to be involved in great programs that I wouldn't normally get to be a part of.

This past weekend I was asked to be a judge for the Bonneville County (Idaho Falls) Junior Miss program.

I didn't know what to expect, but thought it would be a great experience since Akayla has expressed interest in participating next year here in Pocatello (it is only for girls in their junior year in high school).

The only drawback of the day was being gone from my family from 8 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. It was exhausting but very rewarding.

I learned that Junior Miss isn't a beauty pageant.
The whole platform of the program is "Be Your Best Self".
The 5 elements of the program are:
  1. Be Healthy (physically fit & drug free)
  2. Be Involved (through serving in the community)
  3. Be Studious (not just staying in school but soaring in school)
  4. Be Ambitious (setting & achieving goals)
  5. Be Responsible (living by moral and ethical principles)
The girls are judged on scholastics, interview, fitness, poise & composure, and on their talents.

I was reminded that there is greatness in our youth.

There were thousands of dollars given to the girls in scholarship money for college and the winner then gets to go out into the community teaching girls how to be their best selves. They do hours and hours of service in the schools.

I was disappointed in some of the evening gowns chosen. Most were surprisingly modest, but when you look at a girls bio that says she wants to go to BYU and she's wearing a sleeveless dress......
All 5 of the judges agreed, and unfortunately those girls were marked down because of it.

It really is a great program!
As a mother of girls I am so happy there is something out there that encourages girls to succeed in all of those areas - not just to be beautiful.

2 funnies from the day:

1. I had to go to the bathroom several times during the day.....(you'll find out why if you keep reading) and one time one of the other judges was behind me (thank heavens) and saw that my skirt was totally tucked up in itself so my entire backside was showing. I was embarrassed enough that she saw but it would have been horrible if the men judges had seen or something else. I'm shuddering just thinking of it!

2. At the award's ceremony they introduced the judges to an audience of about 800. Mindy Kary (KLCE 97) was the MC and when she mentioned that I had 7 daughters and 1 son and was expecting another baby there was a very audible WHOAH! throughout the audience. The other judges all looked at each other and asked if we heard that. It was hilarious!

So I guess that's my way of announcing that I am expecting baby number 9!! I don't know exactly when my due date is but I think I'm about 11-12 weeks. So far no miscarriage but of course I will be scared that it could happen any time in the next few weeks. We are all very excited for another baby sometime in the fall!

good things:
talented and beautiful young women
my curly haired baby straight out of the bath
wobbly steps as Lea is learning to walk


The Saville Family said...

Congrats!! Angela that's great news. Make sure to take it easy. Love ya!

Gina Hallam said...

WOOHOOOO!!!!!! I'm soooo excited for you guys :) YAY!!!!! Praying that all goes well :) What a wonderful day for you to see such amazing youth :) That would have been a ton of fun to do :)

Heidi said...

Congratulations! I hope your not feeling too miserable with morning sickness.
How fun for you to be a Jr. Miss Judge. Jared did it last year in Blackfoot and he was really impressed with the program as well ... even though it was a long day.

Marley Family said...

Yeppie!!!! I knew your were preggers! I had a feeling at enrichment the other night! I'm so excited for you! Congrats!

Melissa said...

Congratulations!! Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.