Thursday, March 17, 2011

pancake king

(Tanner on nerd day at school - forgot to post this picture)

We have pancakes at least twice a week at our house.

I have a really simple recipe that takes me about 5 minutes to whip up.

They are whole wheat and have no sugar and very little oil.

My kids love them with vanilla yogurt on top.

I had no wheat upstairs one morning so I made them with white flour.

My entire family requested that I never do that again.

This year Tanner has become our designated pancake chef.

While I do the girl's hair, Tanner cooks the pancakes.

He makes them the perfect roundness, the perfect size, and he cooks them the perfect amount of time!

You should drop by some morning! We always have leftovers!

good things:
smooth running mornings
reading scriptures together around the breakfast table
a heated house
fluffy warm socks


Bingham Family said...

Isn't it great as the children get older and can help with things like that. I'll bet Tanner is an awsone chef... Next time we "drop in" on you, we'll call ahead to see if it's pancake day. :)

Katie said...

I would that recipe! And what a good boy have.

Bingham Family said...

WHOO HOO! I just read your other post! CONGRATS you amazing woman you!!! Baby #9... the "whoa" from the crowd was pure amazment at your incredible accomplishments I'm sure. :) All I am saying is that all these beautiful and talented children that you have and that are coming, couldn't ask for better parents. (And besides... the more children you have, the more chances mine will have to marry into your family so that I can finally get your pasta sauce recipe). Hee hee. Totally kidding on the recipe part.

Jamie said...

I want your recipe!!!

Marley Family said...

Yum! I need your recipe!