Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

Friday was the last day of school for my younger kids until April.

Dave and the older kids only get a week - but there's nothing to complain about when you get a whole week off of school and work!!

Mariah's birthday is during the break so for the class birthday party on Friday I brought in treats.

These popcorn balls are the best treats ever!

My mom used to make them for my classes on my birthday, and her mom used to make them for hers.

Plus when the popcorn ball is gone you get a sucker with GUM in it!

I bet a lot of moms are mad at me when it's my kid's birthdays but I know the kids LOVE them!!

Happy Spring Break!

    This is what it looked like outside our window on Saturday - can you tell it's snowing?

    As a family we've tried to look at the positives for having snow when it's supposed to be sunny and all......

    • we can do projects inside
    • we don't need to feel guilty for not doing any yard work
    • it makes it more exciting to plan outings to places that are sunny and warm
    • we have lots of hot chocolate left over from Christmas
    • heck, it's still spring break and we don't have to be in school!!!

    good things:

    Dave taking our whole family out to dinner and not crying about the $70 bill

    watching my kids help their daddy with a project

    going for a drive and talking with my sweetheart


    Marley Family said...

    I love the popcorn balls! What an awesome idea! I think I might have to barrow that one! =)

    Erika said...

    Seriously, how do you do it all??? Also, I live in north Idaho 3 hrs from Canada and we had record snow fall on the 5th of March-all of our Ski resorts are still open right now. It's insane this weather and it's making my family go coo coo! Oh, and I am so excited for you building a home with a specialty bathroom just for girls, I think that is absolutely awesome! My Uncle and Aunt had 7 boys and no girls plus 6 of them had bi-polar-CRAZY household. They would be so jealous of all the girls you have been blessed with!

    The Ridings said...

    It is truely spring in Phoenix (if only for a day or two)

    Bingham Family said...

    What fun! I love the popcorn ball idea. Unfortuantly my kids class rooms have allergy and diabetic kids so we can't do homemade stuff any more. (That stinks) But I am going to make those for a bithday party or somthing. have a fun week with your kidlets!