Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Corina's baby

Corina's in that class......
you know, the one where they have to take care of one of those annoying computerized dolls?!!

She was smart and decided to take it home over spring break so she wouldn't have to have it in any classes or important places.

She did have to take it babysitting
(so funny....she said she had to rock it like mad with her foot while she was changing a (real)stinky diaper - TWICE!! Just like a real mom!)

and to church
(even though she wouldn't actually carry it around at church - she made me and Akayla carry it. She said she would die of embarrassment!)

and to the mall with her friends

and out to dinner with the family
(you should have seen the looks we got....not only did we have 8 kids but we also had a fake baby that had to be fed, changed, rocked and burped several times during the course of the evening)!!

Saturday night she had a dance so I had to babysit.
It slept the whole time.

Too bad it wasn't so nice for Corina.
The first night it woke up 10 times.
At about 3:30 a.m. I heard a lot of commotion going on downstairs and a baby screaming.
I ran down and Akayla was rocking the baby and laughing her head off while the baby was screaming.
Corina was crying and saying she was going to throw it across the room!
She had lost the other diaper somehow in the middle of the night and it needed its diaper changed so it kept crying louder and louder and Corina was panicking.
Finally she got a "clean" diaper on it and it was immediately fine and cooing.

Oh the joys of motherhood!

Luckily real babies are cuddly and they smell good and they are all yours.
It makes all that needing and crying so much more bearable!

good things:
the second that baby turned off and we had some peace in the house again!

some lovely time to myself to read and listen to the music I wanted to hear

making up after an argument


Marley Family said...

So funny! It makes me laugh because every "new Mom" feels like they want to cry after a baby has been screaming all night. I remember when my sister was in Highschool she had an egg baby. Funny! Thanks for the laugh ;)

Gina Hallam said...

I can only imagine the looks you got. When I was reading about the looks you had, I remembered when you guys went to McCall several years back when we were both in New Plymouth and how people would just stare at all those kids hahahaha... what wonderful fun memories and being able to laugh about them. Your girls will be wonderful mommies, because they have a great one and tons of experience :) HUGS!!!!

Positive Thoughts said...

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The Ridings said...

Wish we would have had the computerized dolls. All I had was baby pin head.

Anna Crowe said...


Sorry... those computerized babies don't do it justice. Sure, babies are tough, but it makes it 110% better when they smile at you and coo, and you can nibble their warm soft cheeks, and they fall asleep cuddled up on your chest, and they get a little older and they giggle at your shinanigans (sp?), and they sit up, and they mimic your sounds, and they respond to your voice, and they get SO excited when they see you it looks like they're going to burst... and... and...

Can you tell I like being a mom?