Monday, March 28, 2011


Our family has not been able to drive anywhere together in one car since we had Leandra over a year ago.

Our suburban has 6 seats in the back and 2 in front.
That's 8 seats and we have 10 people in our family.
We used to squish 9 people in but 10 is just too much.

We recently bought a mini van seat and bolted it into the back of the suburban so we now have 10 seats!!

So to celebrate we drove to Utah to visit my family.

It was such a fun weekend!

Things I should have taken pictures of but because I forgot my camera didn't:

  • Lea with red licorice all over her face on the ride to Utah

  • the Hill Aerospace Museum (thought it would be boring but it was REALLY cool)

  • a visit with my grandma - The only living great grandma my kiddos have and I really wish we had pictures of her with our kids

  • riding Trax into Salt Lake City with our group of 13 all standing and trying not to fall!

  • the very large woman who fell on the track from her wheel chair and the 10+ people it took to get her back onto her wheel chair. I know it's not nice but it was pretty amusing.

  • walking around Temple square and going through the visitors center

  • the tabernacle and the conference center

  • the Beehive House (such memories!) We all want to live there - have you seen that dining room?!!

  • going to Menchies with the big kids (Foster, Carissa, Genelle, Akayla, Corina, Dave & I, and my mom) and getting amazing frozen yogurt. Really gotta go back!

  • the kids playing in the hot tub

  • Mariah's birthday

  • Our once-a-month family birthday party with parents, all of my siblings, and all of our kids. That's a really big group!

  • the look on Amora's face when she got a surprise visit from her cousin Mariah!

Next time we go back I'll have to remember to pack my camera!

good things:

a weekend away

a nice short car ride (2 1/2 hours)

beautiful warm weather

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The Youngs said...


You guys made it to Utah and Hill Aerospace Museum and I didn't even get to meet you. Well, next time - make sure let me know.