Sunday, April 3, 2011


As of today Leandra is no longer crawling.
She's been taking more and more steps every day, and today she decided not to crawl any more.

She pretty much looks like a cowboy who's been riding for 3 days straight.... or a little orangutan with clothes on.

Cute things Lea does at 14 1/2 months:

  • folds her arms as soon as we say "prayer time!"

  • loves to push big heavy things around

  • puts things on her head.....underwear, soft fabric, folded clothes, flowers & hairbows

  • puckers her lips out really big and says SHHHHH!!

  • climbs up onto the computer and pushes buttons

  • points and nods when she wants something

  • says HI and makes a funny face whenever she walks into the room

  • straight out of the bath her hair is really curly and as it dries it becomes big curls that stick out all over - super cute!

  • gets into all the cabinets and drawers in her reach.....she can entertain herself for hours pulling everything out

  • hugs and rocks all the dollies and barbies in the house and pats their back

good things:

going on a brisk walk in perfect weather with my daughter

running errands with just my husband and holding hands through the store

my husband who still opens my doors for me


Paula-Adam said...

Good to see last week. You have the cutest most reverent kids I have ever met. They are adorable! and you are just an amazing mother! thank you for your example.

Gina Hallam said...

She looks like such a ham lol!!!! Way too cute!!! All of your kids have been so adorable. I still remember when Akayla and Corina were little like Leandra.

Marley Family said...

Way to go! She is so cute!

The Saville Family said...

Lea is adorable I can't believe she's walking, where does the time go...

Heidi said...

She is so adorable! I'm glad I learned from you to keep a cup drawer so my kids can easily access their cups for drinks. It came in handy this morning for Alyssa to explore while I practiced piano...until she leaned over and fell in and couldn't get herself out!
I'm so glad its nice starting to be nice enough to walk...I went running w/ Jared to start out the day & it was nice to conquer the "natural (wo)man" in me that's been conquering me all winter long:)
ps - I love my new piano book you recommended!