Sunday, May 22, 2011

broken house

It's always been very windy here in Pocatello at least at certain times of the year.

We happen to live on a hill and have no protection from the wind so we get it pretty bad.

Depending on the direction the wind is coming from we can get it either in our kitchen or our bedroom.

It gets so bad sometimes I seriously lay in bed feeling so scared that our whole house will blow away!

This is what the wind did during the last little windstorm (last weekend).

It's not the first time actually - I think it's the third or fourth....but our contractor sent people to fix it before now.

I guess we've been living in the house for too long so we have to take care of it ourselves now.

Our insurance company will pay for everything after we pay $1,000.

I'm a little bugged about that.

We pay how much every month for insurance and then the one time we actually make a claim we have to pay a huge chunk of it before they'll cover anything.

One of those mortality things that kind of stinks!

We've decided our next house will be stucco.

good things:

nice neighbors who brought back all the broken pieces of our siding that blew into their yards

attending a really nice seminary graduation with my hubby

time to take a nap after a really busy weekend


Marley Family said...

Awe man! That stinks! It is pretty windy here.

Heidi said...

$1000... Ouch! That does stink.

Erin said...

Not fun! You have to love Pocatello wind.

The Ridings said...


The Ridings said...