Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saying Goodbye

On the last day of school Anna and Mariah were so excited to tell me all about their class parties, but Adri had been crying.

I finally figured out that she wasn't the only one....her whole class had been crying because in 6th grade many of the students go to middle school.

The kids have been in the same class since 3rd grade (at least that's when Adri came to the school), and it's sad to say goodbye.
She has also loved being on the student council and is really going to miss it!

Adriana has chosen to go to Franklin Middle School. Some of her friends will be staying at the Academy, and some will be going to a different middle school.

Adri is excited for a change, but it's also scary. She wonders if she'll have any friends, she worries about the lockers, she is nervous about her grades, she hopes to be involved in many activities, she worries that people will think she's weird. etc. etc.

I think it's going to be great for so many reasons!

I'm excited for Adri and Tanner to be at the same school and walk down to the bus stop together, I know Adri will make lots of new friends, I know she will do very well in her classes and that she will be able to have lots of new experiences, and I don't worry that people will think she's weird - she's one of the most likeable people I know!!

Sometimes change is hard but it's the step into the unknown that makes us grow and molds us into who we are supposed to become!!

We decided to have a big summer party with her whole class this week so she can really have a chance to say goodbye and have some fun with her great friends! We have lots to prepare!!

Adri's 5th grade class 2011
Adri is the 2nd kid from the right on the front row

good things:
no more homework
setting up a summer schedule
things to look forward to this summer

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Marley Family said...

Sweet girl! She will do amazing in middle school. She is such a kind person she will have no problem fitting in.