Wednesday, June 1, 2011

last days.....

Friday was the last day of school for my Academy kids.

It couldn't have come soon enough.

The last week of school was the busiest of the year.

We had at least 6 major things going on each day up until Friday, and most of the time Dave and I had to separate to support each of our children.

We had Tavaci concerts, band concerts, gymnastics performances, piano recitals, carnivals at school, field trips, choir performances I had to accompany, service projects at the Fort Hall reservation, signing up for drivers ed (eek!), school parties, clogging parties, choir parties, etc.

Oh, and Mariah played in her first piano recital. She played perfectly and was such a cutie!!

Adri & Mariah Spring piano recital

And somehow I had to fit all the regular cleaning, cooking and laundry in there in between teaching lessons and all of that other stuff.

I really thought my laundry room was going to burst by the end of the week!

Typically when you're busy the days seem to go faster, but I think this was also the slowest week of the year!

Some pictures of the school carnival (the only thing I brought my camera for - shame shame!)
on the only sunny day of the week!............

Lea loved the sun and running free in the grass!!

Mariah getting her face painted

Elli eating cotton candy!

Anna & Mariah were so sweet to share lots of their tickets with Elli and Lea so they could play the games and have treats!

Mariah and her best friend, Rachel

Elli playing on the BIG TOY!

good things:
a day to sleep in
going to the temple with your sweetheart
the smell of pine sol

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Marley Family said...

Wow what a busy week! I'm so glad schools out! :)