Tuesday, June 7, 2011

oh dear....

I have always very much enjoyed organizing and cleaning.

I used to be pretty much obsessed with it.

The past 2 years have been really really really stressful.

I used to think my life was busy when I had young children.

I even thought my life was busy when I had young children and I was homeschooling and teaching 40 piano/violin students.

It really wasn't busy.

Life with teenagers is a different world.

Maybe it's not just the teenagers - it's having babies AND teenagers that's hard.

I absolutely love it so I'm not complaining at all.
I have just put other things (organizing) on the backburner.

I'm one of those people....... if you come into my house you will think it's spotless.
I scrub my bathrooms daily and my entire house is usually sparkling (that is until my kids get home from school and I have to go downstairs to teach. It's amazing what kids can do to a clean house if they're given a few minutes unsupervised!).

But then if you open my closet or my storage room you might just shriek!

Yep, I'm a hider.

I can totally admit it.

As long as I can close the door......IT DOESN'T EXIST!!

Well, with another baby on the way in a few months I'm starting to nest.
I've got to have a place to put things and this house is TOOOOOO SMALL for a family of 11!!

And after letting things get a little out of control for the past 2 years I just don't even know where to start.

I might post some before and after pictures if I get up the courage.
It's hard enough to admit but showing a picture? I don't know.....

It's going to be a big job.

Pray for me.

good things:
it's Summer so I can enlist helpers

the neighbor's new swingset.....so all the 200 neighborhood children want to play there instead of here!

another day with my family


Gina Hallam said...

Angela, I love you to pieces!!!! You have always been a wonderful example, even knowing those sweet little secrets of imperfection ;) It just makes you human and we're all in this together :) I do totally know what you mean by being even more busy with teenagers lol... who would have thoughts having teenagers would be more busy than with little ones ;) Love being mom and love sharing with dear friends like you :) HUGS!!!!

Heidi said...

I like to see people's "closets." It helps me feel more normal about the disorder in my own :)
Funny... I took a picture of my boys room last week in frustration when it was a total disaster with the intention of posting it with the title of "Loving What Is"... I just never got to it. So following the advice of my therapist hubby, I am trying to LOVE that at least there are doors on my laundry room, closets, kids bedrooms, etc. so at least I can shut the door and not have to have see the messes all the time. And I'm blessed to have children... even though they come with messes. Thinking that thought actually makes me feel a little happier even if I still dislike my dirty closets:)