Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gerber Baby

We recently got Leandra's pictures taken for our famous "wall of babies".

We frame the 1 year old portraits because each of the kids has their own look by then, and they show a lot of personality even though they still look like babies.

We always get asked why we only have 6 of the kids on the wall when we have 8 children (and another coming soon).

This has been rather a problem.....
some have suggested we use smaller frames and mats, but these are heirloom framed and I'm not changing it - they each cost at least $150 with 50% off coupons.

We have our last 2 pictures now that need to be framed and we haven't completely decided how to put them on the wall.

Any ideas? I personally think we just need a bigger wall!

Well, we have about a year before this baby will get his pictures taken and then we'll figure out where to put the last 3.

Anyway, the real purpose of my post is to show the adorable portraits of Leandra.

She loved being the center of attention and got the photographer laughing really hard the whole time. She even said that Lea was the funniest baby she has ever had the pleasure of photographing!

Leandra has recently discovered that certain things she does make people laugh so she really hams it up!

Just a few of our favorites......

And last of all....this is the lucky one that will be framed on our wall someday. We think she should be the next Gerber baby!

good things:
a painless photography session

2 boxes of cereal from my mother so I didn't have to make breakfast this morning

buying an adorable newborn boy outfit for our baby to come home in


Marley Family said...

She is a doll! She is so cute!

Erika said...

Gerber IS looking for a new gerber baby! you should definately try for it. if you go to my friend Melissa's blog it will give a few details. She's soooo cute!