Sunday, June 19, 2011

Island Park

Just got home from our family reunion (with my family) in Island Park.

June isn't the best time to visit Island Park - a bit rainy and cold - but it was still fun.

We all pitched in and rented a cabin, and we each were in charge of a meal or two.

We were missing Foster and Dallin(and his family) but we had a great time.

Here's about 1000 pictures to prove it..........

West Yellowstone

Elli & Lexy had so much fun together!!

the kids played at the park......

Anna was holding Ambree almost the entire reunion. She loves babies so much and Ambree really liked her too!

Genelle is still one of the kids!

.....while the boys shot some hoops!

Dad may not be so young any more but he's still got it!!

Yeah....that's my hot hubby right there! He still gives me butterflies!

Lea thought she needed to hug every bear she saw (and there were a lot!)

All the Ferrara kids (including the unborn one....see my big belly?!!)

Ferrara kids with Johnson grandparents - they're the best! (and I'm loving that face my dad is making!!)

4 great things about West Yellowstone......

1) huckleberry fudge (so yummy!)

2) the very nice salesperson who let me use the employee bathroom instead of walking a mile to the public restroom - he must have felt really sorry for me!

3) the other very nice salesperson who gave every one of the kids a free piece of stick candy

4) we didn't break anything in any of the gift shops we visited!

Yellowstone National Park

You can't leave Yellowstone without a few pictures of wildlife. This buffalo came right up next to our suburban begging for a picture! Check out that handprint on his shoulder!!

waiting for Old Faithful - didn't get any pictures of it but it was fun to watch my kids see it this time. They all thought it was REALLY COOL!!!!

our whole group (except for the other half of Corina - this is what you get when you ask a stranger to take the picture!)
Mom, Carissa & Genelle stayed at the cabin and had a nice girl's day!

watching geysers

good things:

a cheap family vacation

trying new recipes

spending time with my amazing parents, brothers, sisters, sisters-in-law, nieces, and of course my favorite husband in the world and the best kids a mom could ask for!

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