Thursday, June 16, 2011

summer fun 2011

So far I'm loving summer!

In the past I start feeling crazy because we have no schedule.

This year Akayla is in drivers ed at 8:30 every morning.

So we make the whole family get up at 7:30 for breakfast and scripture study before Dave and Akayla leave for the day.

After family prayer everyone scurries to get ready for the day and finish all of their chores by 10:00, which is when I start teaching.

It has made all the difference!

We meet dad at the park every day at 12:30 and every day we have a plan for our afternoons.....

Monday - Mondays with Mom (timeouts with 2 kids at a time - so fun!)
Tuesday - Free bowling at Pine Bowl
Wednesday - Library day
Thursday - Kid movies at the $ theater
Friday - Bowling again - this time dad meets us

The kids play with the neighbors and friends from school also, and because dad has class every day from 6-9 p.m. we eat dinner at 5:00.

We've never eaten so early, but after we get the kitchen cleaned up we have a nice relaxing evening together. Of course Akayla & Corina are often gone in the evenings....parties, dates, mutual, rehearsals,etc. but I feel like I have more time to enjoy my kids!

We also made a "Bucket List" for the summer that's in our kitchen.
If we need something to do we check our list and have lots of ideas!

Because Dave has his most intense master's class this month and his masters thesis, project and board review in a month our home improvement projects are waiting until August and I'm totally good with that. We all need some relaxing time. Can't wait till Dave can relax a bit with us!!

Pictures of June Summer Fun.......

McKee's Petting Zoo

(kids bowl free - we bought a summer pass for Dave & I - big nerds? YUP!!)

Adri's party

Adri & her good friend Abbie.

Adri planned her whole party and had about 15 kids - everyone brought snacks & treats and they played lots of water games. Best game - obstacle course with shaving cream and water balloons. Of course it ended with a good water fight!

I have a feeling Mariah is going to be a lot like Akayla - she has more fun with boys than girls so this is her best friend that Adri let her invite to the party!

Collin's Surprise Birthday Breakfast

Akayla's best friend Collin turned 16 on the last day of school so she called some of their friends and we kidnapped him early and took him to McDonalds for breakfast. We love Collin. He is one of the best guys in the world and he is really sweet with Akayla. There's no romance there at all, and they just have fun together all the time!!

Akayla & Corina have some really great friends. Some are a little crazy but they're good kids!

Whew! That was a lot of pictures! I think I did about 4 posts in 1!!!

good things:

cold seedless watermelon

listening to Rachel Portman radio

taking a long walk at dusk

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Erin said...

My goodness you are one busy lady but you guys always look like you're having a blast! What more could you ask for?!