Thursday, July 28, 2011

24th of July

Another great 24th of July celebrating the pioneers who settled in this valley.

Dave took us all out to breakfast to celebrate FINALLY finishing his masters degree.

We skipped the parade but we all went to support Akayla while she danced her duet.

We walked around the fairgrounds, played at the petting zoo, got HUGE popsicles and free watermelon.

Some of the party poopers (Corina and Tanner) couldn't stand the heat so Dave took them and Lea home for a nap.

Dave got a lot of work done around the house while I took the rest of the girls around.

We (not me of course) went on a waterslide and got soaked, and Akayla pulled the girls in a handcart.

The rest of the day I craved Indian frybread and navajo tacos, but we ate bbq chicken paninis instead (much easier) and ice cream sandwiches. It was almost as good!

good things:
ice cold water

missionaries sweating up a storm and serving all the watermelon we could eat

at least 100 more freckles

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