Friday, July 15, 2011

frisbee. golf.

very fun family night activity:

even if it is windy and it takes about 20 tries to get the frisbee in the basket.

Lea was very nice to pick up my frisbee when it flew way off the path and put it right in the basket!!

I love where we live - so close to beautiful mountains and the weather in the evenings is DIVINE!!!

good things:
shopping so our fridge & cupboards aren't bare any more

It's Friday so I get to go on a date tonight!

hearing my kids playing their instruments all over the house

3 comments: said...

that looks like so much fun! and your blog is did you learn how to do all that stuff. i still feel like i live in the 90's and have no idea what i'm doing...and btw, HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY YOU twinners....i had forgotten that we shared the same anniversary and you are only 2 days older than me. boy we have lots in common don't we? :)

Heidi said...

How fun! We just planned a big group date with our neighbors to do this, but we should try it with our kids sometime too.

Aceneth Warner said...

can I just tell you how much I love looking at your blog?!? you have such a cute family, your kids are adorable!!!