Saturday, July 16, 2011

painting piggies party

One thing we have A LOT of at our house is fingernail polish.

It's been a big problem actually because the younger girls want to be pretty too and they spill it on the carpet or get it on nice clothes.

We've had to resort to hiding it all and allowing it only when everyone is doing it at the same time and it's supervised.

Here's one of our painting piggies parties.....

Even Lea gets in on it and ends up with pink fingers and toes.

We just have to remember next time to open the windows and doors BEFORE daddy gets home and complains about the overpowering fumes!

good things:
Dave bringing home a huge box of ice cream treats from Costco

90% off sales and scoring big!

flip flops

anyone who is willing to give my aching feet a nice rub!

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