Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Perfect Weekend

Maybe it's because we haven't gotten to see much of Dave lately.

Maybe it's because the weather was a bit heavenly.

Maybe it's because we ate such delicious food.

Maybe it's because we had 4 luxurious days with no work, drivers ed, lessons or anything else.

Maybe it's because we had great company.

Maybe it's because I just love days with my family where everything seems to run smoothly and everyone gets along perfectly.

Dave's sister Jen spent this last weekend with us.

We went hiking, bowling, and had picnics in the park.
Jim & Amber brought their boys over and we had yummy food and played games outside.
We stayed up late talking and watched Ghost Whisperer.

4th of July was lovely.
We had Breakfast flag pizza and a big barbecue for lunch.
Then Jen left and Jim & Amber went home so we relaxed and watched a movie.
We played outside and went to the park to play kickball.
We drove up the street and watched "The Biggest Firework Show in Idaho" on top of our suburban.


Hope your weekend was just as nice!

good things:
family coming to visit
sleeping in
fresh blueberries & whipped cream

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Marley Family said...

I love perfect weekends!