Sunday, August 14, 2011


Growing up we had a raft that we took out a couple of times every summer.

My favorite memory is when dad took the boys down the river first and had a great time.

By the time it was mom's turn to take the girls the sky was looking a little grey and the water was running a little faster, but my dad told us we'd be fine. It was just a little river and they all had a great time.

We ended up totally white water rafting and it was treacherous.
It was raining and there was thunder and lightning.
We went over a huge rock and the stupid raft popped leaving us stranded.
Some very nice men came and rescued us swearing under their breath about how women shouldn't be out there and what kind of stupid husband would leave his wife and daughters out there alone.

Luckily we all survived, and it made for a great story.....
but the raft was beyond repair.

My dad decided to get a new raft this year so his grandkids could experience the same great times we all had over the years.

We came down for a family reunion and stayed a few extra days so my dad and Dave took the kids out.

Of course they loved it.

Maybe we should get a raft!

good things:
little things that encourage heartfelt discussions
getting all the groceries put away for another month
fresh and perfectly ripe bananas


Erin said...

You guys always do the funnest stuff...I love it!!!

Erin said...

Looks like a way fun time!

Marley Family said...

How fun! I love rafting!

Meikjn said...

I just went rafting last week our boat capsized at the beginning of a huge rapid. we all ended up being drug through it. (the kids were not there) it was insane. I now have a whole new concept of rafting. and I am alive thanks to my handy dandy life jacket.