Monday, August 1, 2011

Scout Mountain

We have some good friends in our ward.

We love hanging out with lots of people, but the Vincents and Marleys are some of our favorites!

Their oldest kids are about Anna's age, but my oldest kids are used to that.

It's kind of like hanging out with family - we don't have any cousins their age either so they have fun playing with the little kids or each other.

We decided to go up to Scout Mountain this weekend and have a dutch oven cookout.

Jared & Lindsey are practically professionals!

We all brought up the ingredients for a delicious meal and they cooked for us while we watched!

The kids played in Tanner's teepee, searched for the perfect sticks, ran around, got grossed out by the bathrooms, played in the fire, walked the babies around and around, climbed the big rocks, had pretend sword fights, and pretty much just acted like little savages!!

The adults cooked and cleaned up, chased kids around, talked and laughed, shared pregnancy woes (Serena is due in 3 weeks and I'm due a month later), dreaded taking the hike up to the stinky bathroom, talked and laughed some more, and just enjoyed the perfect weather and scenery!!

The best part: We cleaned up and left for home before 10:00 and didn't have tents or sleeping bags to put away when we got home!

This is soooo Corina.....can't keep her nose out of a book no matter where we are!!

I know Serena will probably kill me for putting this picture up here since she's 8 months prego and has no makeup on but I think she's beautiful. I love these girls!!

I couldn't get any pictures of the boys - they just couldn't be bothered to stand still and get a picture taken! They all looked like dirty little rascals anyway!!

good things:
only one mosquito bite

the smell of campfire

2 delicious dutch oven desserts to put in my files for later


The Saville Family said...

Looks like a lot of fun...

Marley Family said...

We had so much fun! I was so tired the next day. And yes I might kill you for that pic ;)

Holly said...

I love reading your blog. It was one of the blogs that inspired me to keep up with my own. I have so much fun reading about everyone while I am waiting for my kids at swimming and baseball. I have yours bookmarked. Thank you for sharing all the things you do.