Tuesday, September 27, 2011

being patient

I know my sweet friends are watching for the post that says our baby is here....but he's not yet!

I actually knew it would be this way so I'm okay with waiting.

Truth be told, as excited as I am to hold my baby and to not be pregnant any more.....

I'm really scared.

I wish I could say labor has gotten easier with each baby, but it hasn't.

It is painful and horrible, and beautiful and incredible all at the same time!

This week I have been keeping very busy nesting.

I'm scrubbing as much of my house as I can without hurting myself.

We got out our sweet little cradle that has held the last 7 babies.

I made 5 frozen meals so it's easier for my family - I know people think because we have teenagers we'll be fine, but they are so darn busy I don't want to cause stress for anyone in our family! (And my husband can't cook........ not AT ALL!)

We're just being patient for a few more days!!

Friday is right around the corner!

good things:
feeling productive
keeping busy
putting my feet up at the end of the day


Gina Hallam said...

Enjoy every last minute of it Ang :) I love you tons!!! You are a remarkable woman and a wonderful friend!!! I'm praying that all goes well for you :)

Bingham Family said...

What a darling cradle. You are amazing Ang!!!!! Good luck with upcoming adventure. That is so funny that Dave can't cook. Lucky man to have you!

Marley Family said...

We can't wait! Text me when you have him!