Thursday, September 22, 2011

my party

For the past year or so my visiting teaching companion (if you don't know what that is feel free to ask and I'll gladly fill you in!) and I have been doing a luncheon every month with all of the ladies we visit.

We have done it at my house a few times, we've met at the park, we've done it at my companion's house and even the ladies we visit have hosted a few times.

The host makes the main dish and everyone else brings something to share.

We have also invited a few different people each time so that we get to know new ladies who have moved in or just people we'd like to get to know.

It has been such a fun monthly get-away (although we bring all the kids that are home), and I have loved getting to know these ladies so well.

Last month a few of them decided to throw me a small "shower" including mostly the same ladies and just a few other good friends.

We called it a party but everyone brought gifts.

The food was so good, and the only "shower" game we played was to see if anyone could list all my kid's names and their ages.

Of course my neighbor Shawna got all of them right!
She knows way too much about our family!

It was lovely and I'm so grateful to have good friends - that I might not necessarily have if I didn't have the opportunity to visit with them every month!

good things:
sweet friends that I can always count on

so many cute baby clothes

finally having some blue in our house!

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Erin said...

What a fun idea for VT! I may have to steal that one. What sweet ladies to throw you a shower. Aren't friends awesome!