Tuesday, September 20, 2011

what I won't miss....

I won't miss
my feet blowing up twice their size,

or the shooting pains going every direction,
or having a hard time bending over to pick up my kids,

or just not being myself.

Of course, I won't miss not being able to sleep on my tummy
or walking like a penguin either.

I will definitely not miss how hard every day chores are,
or having sore insides and outsides.

But there are so many things I will miss about being pregnant.

I will miss
the time I don't have to share my baby,
and my pregnant belly (it might be huge but I love it!),
and every little kick and movement.

Of course, I will miss my kids and husband talking to their baby brother through my belly,
and all the excitement we feel as we plan for his arrival.

I will definitely miss dreaming about my baby,
and knowing that my body is providing everything he needs.

Any time now I will get to hold my baby, and I'm getting so anxious to see him.

But I'm already starting to miss being pregnant.
I always cry the first night my babies are born because I miss holding them inside me.

And I've learned with that final push they enter the world and have such a desire to push forward. They are in such a hurry to grow up and time moves so quickly!

So I am relishing these last moments of pregnancy with my last baby.

I'm not in any rush!

Lea & I showing off our big bellies.....photo courtesy of Elli

good things:
homemade strawberry smoothies
fresh cold water straight from my fridge
my shopping list is finally finished - now just have to do the shopping!


Marley Family said...

We are so excited to meet this little guy!

Holly said...

I'm in pain just looking at your feet!! I hope you drink in every precious moment of the birth of this last child. I feel heaven the closest the first few days after having a baby. Good luck :)