Friday, October 21, 2011


It feels like fall.

Sweaters, warm socks, hot chocolate, apples, rosy cheeks, and red & orange leaves all over the sidewalks.

Apples from our very own apple trees - Dave is so proud! Not a single worm in any of them! Corina made 2 huge pans of apple crisp with some of our apples and it was AMAZING!!

Our Academy kids (Anna & Mars) had their 2-week fall break at the perfect time.

We had a new baby for the girls to play with and I didn't have to get up early to make breakfast or do their hair.

(I love having children that can get themselves ready in the morning and I really really love the cold cereal my husband bought when we had the baby!)

We didn't do anything exciting over fall break - blame the new baby.

But Dave was home for the first week and they love helping him with projects around the house. He took them to see Cars 2 on one of the days (I was in a sleepless fog).

The 2nd week I was a little more awake and we did some fun art projects, decorated the house for fall, and they got to play with friends.

The girls loved finger painting with chocolate pudding.
There's just something really great about getting your hands slimy!

Everyone is back in school now so I'm back to getting up early!

2 weeks was not long enough!!!

good things:

Thanksgiving break is only 4 weeks away

starting to feel normal again

snuggling with my baby

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