Wednesday, October 5, 2011

meeting baby brother

We had the baby in Utah, and our kids stayed home in Pocatello (one great blessing about having teenagers when having a baby).

Dave was really good to send texts all day long so that they knew exactly what was happening.

Akayla told me when they finally got the text that said they had a new baby brother they all screamed and were jumping up and down hugging each other.

Landon is a lucky boy being born into a family with such a huge cheering section!

Since he was born at about 7:30 p.m. we didn't get to leave the birthing center until a little after midnight.

My parents and my 2 sisters came to see us at the birthing center, and then we went to their house to sleep the first night.

Mom, Carissa & Genelle

Saturday morning we went back to the birthing center to check everything out and make sure Landon was doing ok, then we drove 2 1/2 hours as quickly as we could to get back home to his anxious siblings!

I got a text from Tanner saying he thought he should be the first one to hold Landon because all the girls had sisters and this was his first brother. Dave and I both agreed, so Tanner was first in line!!

Tanner & his first (& only) brother






Corina (I'll have to get a better one of her - she was studying & couldn't be bothered!!)


Noone can get enough of our sweet baby - notice how they all gather round whenever someone is holding him.
I've noticed Akayla and Annalisa hold him the most. They seem to always be near, but all the kids love him.

Thank heavens for babies!!

good things:
my breast pump
getting 4 straight hours of sleep last night


Katie said...

You guys really have the most darling family. Congrats on cute little man.

Bingham Family said...

So fun! I have to say, those girls all have their hair done (as usual) did you do it right when you got home or was that Akayla and Corina? You know I have to give you a hard time about that. :) We miss ya all!

The Saville Family said...

What precious pictures. The one of Tanner and Landon made me cry. I bet Tanner couldn't be happier with his little brother. How is Lea doing? Is she adjusting well to not being the baby?

Anna Crowe said...


Heaven is rejoicing that another child gets to be reared in a strong family who cheers when he arrives.

Lucky, lucky little Landon.