Monday, November 28, 2011

1st annual Johnson Family 5K Turkey Trot

My mom and I decided to put together a Fun Run before our big Thanksgiving feast this year.

My dad set up the course (we didn't realize it was a 5K at first).

Even at the end we all agreed this should be something we do every year!

I was so impressed with my kids.
The whole group started together, but I was at the back because I had Landon in a stroller.

After just a few minutes my nieces came back because they were tired.
I figured my oldest three or four would finish the race but maybe Anna, Mars & Elli would be coming back soon.

I stayed back and watched Lea and my nieces at the park.
Lo and behold after several minutes all of my kids came running past me and finished the whole race!

most of our group before the race

Dallin & Jamie

Leandra loved running and ran for about 10 minutes before she pooped out and needed to be carried!

Tanner came in 4th place.....

....with Mariah only about 10 steps behind him in 5th place!!

Annalisa and Elli were tempted to stay back and play at the park with their cousins but they decided to finish the race together!

My mom rode her bike so she could be at the halfway point and at the finish line to see who the winners were!

Adri didn't bring the right shoes but she still ran her little heart out!

Corina and Akayla took turns carrying Lea at the end and got one of the prizes for runners carrying or strolling younger kids

Ferrara's kind of dominated the prizes this year....
Dave took 1st place (not bad for a 40 year old!!!)
Tanner won the age group 11-18
Mariah won the age group 7-10
Elli won the age group 0-6
and of course Akayla and Corina got the prize for helping younger kids

My sister Carissa ran her own 5K earlier in the day, and my SIL Ayrial ran a 5K and participated in our 5K.

We all felt much less guilty eating all the great Thanksgiving foods later!!

good things:
a good run
working up a sweat
healthy bodies


Gina Hallam said...

That's a wonderful tradition :)

Megan Jo Eddie said...

I love this tradition. What a fun time and what great kids you have.

Holly said...

What a great idea. We do the diabetes walk the weekend before Thanksgiving every year, and I have a goal to do the 5k run earlier that morning next year.....time for me to get into shape this year.