Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 newsletter

2011 has been an eventful year for our family and we have much to be thankful for…..

David (40 this month)

Finished his Master’s degree with straight A’s and can finally work on projects around the house!

Thankful not to have any papers to write or assignments to complete!

Angela (just hit 36)

Made it through 9 months of pregnancy and another safe water birth with her 9th baby (2nd son!!!)

for a new beautiful baby, a month with no lessons to teach, and no more pregnancy!

Akayla (16)

Junior year – finally able to drive and date (she has had 3 dates on several weekends -- lucky girl!)

to be a girl so boys pay her way for everything, and for her best friend Corina!

Corina (15)

Started sophomore year with 2 AP classes and joined National Honors Society

for weekends with no homework (doesn’t happen very often), and that she gets to turn 16 in a few months and join in the fun Akayla is having!

Tanner (13)

Last year of Middle School – has a mouth full of braces but still plays trombone in the symphonic and jazz bands at school

for a brother (finally), days off, and cold weather so he doesn’t have to mow the lawn anymore!

Adriana (11)

First year in middle school – taking voice lessons and singing in school choir and Tavaci

to be turning 12 soon and going to YW, and for lots of new friends at her new school!

Annalisa (9)

Advanced gymnastics class, first piano recital, and first year singing in Tavaci

Thankful for field trips, Friday party days, and all her friends that have horses or puppies!

Mariah (7)

First performance in new competition clogging class, and advanced reading group at school

for all the money from the tooth fairy, and for her left- handed (amazing) handwriting skills!

Elora (4)

Started primary, learning to read, and piano lessons with mom

that her best friend lives across the street and that she gets to sleep in the top bunk now!

Leandra (20 months)

1 ½ yr. old Tasmanian devil; slow start to nursery at church, and became a big sister

l that she found her binkie so she doesn’t have to take Landon’s anymore, and for daddy’s lap!

Landon (1 month)

Eating like a hog, growing like a weed; made it to 1 month old without Lea damaging him

for his family who can’t get enough of him!

After several years of scrimping and saving we were finally able to purchase a motor home that is large enough to fit our growing family. Because we’ve outgrown all of our other vehicles this provides a way for us to visit our family that lives across the country. We already have some exciting trips planned – Disneyland in December, and Illinois in July. We hope to spend lots of time visiting family and friends who live far away!

Love, The Ferrara’s

We only have pictures of the kids this year - hopefully next year (when Ang doesn't look like she just had a baby) you can see our whole family!

Photos were taken by Jamie Johnson (Homespun Photographs)










good things:
feeling super organized this year
taking a mini vacation
candy cane hot chocolate


Marley Family said...

Cute,cute,cute! Your family has been so blessed this year!

Our Family said...

so so darling! you guys are the BEST! hope to see you one of these days! :)