Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Akayla went to another dance...this time it was a girl's choice dance.

She asked Patrick Riley who happens to be her 8th grade fling from the Academy.

We went through a lot of trouble keeping them apart back then, but now they're just good friends and we're happy to see them go on a few dates here and there.

She asked him with a huge candy bar card (wish I got a picture of it - it was so cute!) and he gave her gummy bears with a poem.

They went with a really fun group.
But they decided not to even go to the dance.
They went bowling and out for pizza, and then they went to Ruthanne Spreier's house (the one that was on Extreme Makeover Home Edition) and played games and had dessert.

It was a blast!

The dress caused a little bit of stress.
We found it at Ross again - for $16.

It was strapless and too big for tiny Akayla, but we knew we had to figure out a way to make it work for that price!

We had a prom dress store make a little jacket for her (which ended up being a little too big) but they had a hard time finding fabric that matched, so without talking to me they made it with sheer fabric.

(This caused a little bit of a problem because we believe in covering everything that would be covered by temple garments. Believe what you want, but we feel very strongly about this and Akayla agrees.)

Anyway, she wore her black jacket under the other jacket, and we pinned everything like crazy.

I think she still looked beautiful, but she felt a little awkward all night.

Maybe we better stay away from Ross for the next dance!

good things:
a 5-day weekend
getting away
my baby finally fell asleep

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