Sunday, January 15, 2012

it figures...

Last night at the grocery store someone saw my cart full of milk and other items and asked if I was doing my monthly shopping trip.

I laughed and told them it was for a week.

Of course I had to tell them how many kids I have, which always brings a shocked expression.

So it got me thinking about how much food we buy each month.

I had never really thought about it before - I just buy the food.

*We go through about  40  gallons of milk every month (and that is being conservative - I don't let my kids drink a lot of milk, just water).

*We also go through at least  50  loaves of bread.
Since I make my own 3 loaves at a time, I have to make bread every other day.

*We eat about  200  apples every month, and about  100  carrots.

*I probably do at least  75  loads of laundry every month.

*We (gag down) eat almost  20  pounds of oatmeal every month.  (In granola, muffins, pancakes, smoothies, etc.)

*We also go through about  175  diapers every month.  (Until we decide to potty train Lea.  Not my favorite parenting task, so I will wait awhile.......she's not even 2 for heavens sake!)

Can you imagine how it is at the Duggers house!!  They have twice as many kids as I do!!

good things:
ice cold milk

crepes with ice cream and amazing fudge sauce for dessert tonight

inspiring talks in church today and being able to enjoy them because Dave stayed home with the 2 little ones


Bingham Family said...

Holy Cow! Ang that is a ton of milk!!!! And I was thinking we went through a lot. We stock up on stuff when we are near a Costco (Like cheese and milk). Once, a lady asked if we owned a pizza shop because of all the cheese we were buying. :)

Audrey Jacobsen said...

You are amazing Ang and those kids are so blessed to have you! I can only imagine the love that flows through that home of yours!!!! Having a big family with lots of kids was something I always dreamed of having... guess the Lord had other plans. I'm glad that somebody is doing it! It makes me happy!

The Whittacres said...

You know I was just thinking about that tonight as Monday is my major laundry day. It takes me all day to get it done and I do laundry one other day too usually Friday but it isn't a major day just a load or two to get me to Monday. So I was thinking WHEW! I love my huge family but how do those who have more kids do it. I thought of you. I have another friend who is pregnant with #7. And another friend who has 16 and several who have 6 kids. I can only imagine....but you are the woman for the job and secretly I am jealous I will never have as many as you or my friend Kim for that matter. I always wanted 12 but that will just have to wait until the next part in the plan of salvation. :)