Thursday, January 12, 2012

Middle School Band

Tanner had a band concert last night.

He looked so handsome in his band uniform.

Somehow I turned around and my little boy wasn't a little boy any more.

His voice is deeper and so are his thoughts.


Maybe I'm crazy but in my memory our middle school band was pretty awesome.

But then we had Mr. Findlay.

Tanner has a girl hired right out of college - and I just wasn't impressed.

That's ok.....Tanner has his dad as his private trombone teacher and he's the best!

good things:
sleeping in
finally getting some food in our fridge
a ripe yummy pear for breakfast

1 comment:

Gina Hallam said...

Isn't it crazy how our little boys become not so little overnight :( Tanner looks great in his uniform :)