Monday, January 30, 2012

Mozart's birthday party

I happen to love music written by Mozart.

I also happen to be a really fun music teacher.

For several years now I have had a birthday party with my students to honor Mozart's birthday.

This year I offered a special prize for anyone who dressed for the time period.

We had a tea party (we always do), we played blind man's bluff (a favorite when Mozart was young), and we learned a little more about the musical genius while listening to some of his music.

It's not the easiest job coming up with clothes from the 1700's -- my students are so creative!  I didn't get a picture of one of the other girls who looked awesome.  So glad I kept my old prom dress so Adri had something to wear - we've used it for tons of other costumes too!

good things:
hot chocolate "tea"
funny people who can always make me laugh

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