Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Our squishy happy boy is 4 months.

At 4 months Mr. Landon is:

*huge....from the top of his head to his little toes he is just a big chunk!

*so slobbery, and he spits up a lot - but he's still so kissable!

*in love with mommy, but he's pretty good with everyone else unless he's tired

*crazy about being naked and bathtime

*just learned to roll over

*still blue-eyed

*discovering his hands.....almost ready for toys

*super ticklish especially under his neck

*completely bald except for the funny little tuft of hair on the top of his head

*not crazy about his binky - losing interest fast

*a little hothead......if we put him down when he's not ready he throws a little fit (it's still cute)

*claustrophobic.....doesn't like being wrapped up and freaks out if his hands or feet aren't free

We're all still smitten and just want to squish him all up!

good things:
our family circle
our busy home - always so much going on
when everything is still for a few minutes because Lea is sleeping

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Jamie said...

He's adorable Ang! I miss you guys!!!