Friday, February 10, 2012

hands full

I wish I had more than one lap to hold my kids on .  We love reading together before bed!!

As a mom with 9 children I am very used to people staring, counting, and asking "Are these all your kids?!!!".

Most people just assume they are mine since there is such a strong family resemblance.

I do get many comments - usually nice ones - about my many children.

One that I hear nearly every day (even if I only have my 3 youngest with me - if they only knew how many I left home!) is, "You have your hands full!"

I always just smile and agree.

I've often wished I had something to say back to them........... something that expresses to them how blessed my hands are, or how full my heart is to have my wonderful children.

My sweet friend Hollie expresses herself so much better than I do, so I hope she doesn't mind me quoting her beautiful thoughts.

"If I were to say something about the most precious thing in my life right now, it would be about the sweetness of rocking my own babies, and holding and watching them while they sleep.  As simple as it sounds, nothing in my life has opened my heart so wide.  There's something so eternal there, it nearly takes my breath away.  Never have I felt feelings so pure.  The work of motherhood is hard and exhausting.  But it is holy.  I know it a thousand times over.  What a privilege, sweet and pure." 

Nothing brings me more joy than having my hands full!!

good things:
working hard
expressing frustration and having my sweetie rush to my aide
running into old friends 

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Gina Hallam said...

I don't want it any other way...hands full!