Wednesday, February 8, 2012

open W I D E

To celebrate the anniversary of our first date 18 years ago, my very romantic husband took me to a hotel.  

We went out to eat, we relaxed in the hot tub, we ate strawberries drenched in nutella, we watched psyche, we stayed up late, we slept in and didn't have any kids waking us up, we listened to our favorite romantic music, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at the hotel, and we snuggled to our heart's content.

Totally wish we could go every weekend.  Sigh.

This is what we found on our camera the next day.......

Apparently no-one could find Lea a smaller bowl and spoon.

She didn't seem to mind.

(I'm so glad I didn't come home to that messy house was spotless when we got back. I have the best kids ever!!!)

Such a BIG girl!!!

good things:
*18 blissful years

*going to the elective fair (3rd time now) at the high school - my Tanner will be there next year

*having tons of energy and feeling great today


Bingham Family said...

So nice! And I love Lea's bowl. That's the kind of girl you could take to a buffet! :)

Holly said...

Such a cute little girl, and that bowl is bigger than she is :) I'm jealous of your time together with your husband, it sounded so nice and relaxing....lucky!

Gina Hallam said...

I remember when you had Dave go on a mission impossible kind of thing and Tim helped.What a fun tradition you two have for your first date :)

The bowl is perfect! so cute :)