Monday, February 6, 2012

country reports

All the 6th graders at Adri's school are almost finished up with their country reports.

It's been a HUGE project...... with lots of tears, stress, frustration, and hair-pulling.

They each had to contact a consulate from their country, do a written report, a power point, a poster, a food sample, and a presentation in front of their class.  They also had to do a display at an International Fair after parent teacher conferences.

I thought it was WAY too much for 6th graders.  Adri is a perfectionist, and the whole thing put a lot of pressure on her!

When I went to the International Fair I changed my mind.

I walked around and talked to every one of the 6th graders and they all knew so much about their countries!  I tasted lots of fun things (and some really icky things!), and I was very impressed with their displays.

I think kids should do their own work with HELP from parents (not parents doing all the work so it looks better), and in most cases it was obvious the kids did most of the work.  But, I think it was a great chance for the parents and kids to learn something and experience something really great together.

I'll be more excited about the project when it's Annalisa's turn!

good things:
down 30 pounds since I had Landon
the movie 17 Miracles - so so good
Nutella on everything

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