Saturday, February 4, 2012

new purse

This is my new purse.
Isn't it cute?!

Know why I needed a new purse?

2 Sundays ago we were in a rush to get to choir practice on time because Akayla is the choir accompanist.

Dave dropped us all off (it was a little slippery) and went to park the suburban.

I had 3 bags and didn't want to also bring my purse in, so I left it between the front seats.

Dave had a whole armful of stuff and had his mind on other things because he had to teach an inservice to the whole ward, so he didn't think to lock the doors.

It was a great day - no major mishaps.

Later in the evening I went to find my phone (in my purse) and see if I had any calls.

I couldn't find my purse anywhere.

I had a weird thought that it could have gotten stolen but just figured one of the kids brought it in and set it somewhere so I figured I'd ask them in the morning.

At about midnight I had a distinct impression to go look at my bank accounts online.

There had been several charges made from my debit cards that we didn't make ($60 at McDonalds, $20 at Redbox, gas stations in Fort Hall, etc.), and there were calls made on my phone.

I immediately called and cancelled my cards and turned off my phone.

As I started thinking about all the things in my purse - all of my kid's social security cards, $100 cash, the book I was reading, all kinds of personal things, my house & car keys........ I started to freak out!

My mind was racing and I felt so vulnerable.

I knelt down and poured out my fears to the Lord, and immediately the peace came washing over me.
I knew the Lord was aware of my little problem and He cared so much about my fears.

Although it has been a BIG pain.........I feel so blessed that my family is safe.

I pray for the (probably teenagers) people who took my purse.
They will probably never be caught, and who knows what other crimes they may commit in the years to come.

Plus, I love my new purse!

good things:
the Lord cares about my little insecurities
middle-of-the-night impressions
slow Saturdays with no major appointments

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Gina Hallam said...

What a blessing to feel Heavenly Father's love and peace even through rough times. It is sad that those things happen all too often. You are such a great example of such faith :)

oh...cute purse :)