Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm tyoo!!

At 2 Leandra:

*is a tornado......she gets out ALL the dolls, ALL the books, ALL the shoes, ALL the baby toys, ALL the play food.

*always falling, tripping, bumping, and getting hurt.  A complete klutz like Corina was.

*LOVES loves loves books.  She brings me books all day and DEMANDS that I read to her

*is a little behind in her speech.  If she was my first child I would worry more, but since I've had others that have been the same way and they are very smart kids - I'm not worried!

*has darling curly red hair

*dances & twirls around the house

*likes coloring (often on things she shouldn't color on)

*LOVES her dollies.  We have a lot at our house, and she likes undressing them so that we can dress them again.  She always has a doll in her hands.

*is addicted to her binkie.  Never had a kid like binkies past 6 months, but she's obsessed.  We've gotten rid of it several times only to have her steal Landon's.  Luckily he's almost done with his so we'll be able to get rid of binkies altogether!

*deeply feels music.  It's really interesting and endearing....... when she hears beautiful music she will close her eyes and start singing (nonsense words or names of her family because they are words she knows), and usually with the funniest vibrato (like an old woman).

*lives to make others laugh.  Since she was very young she does things that she knows will get us all giggling, and then she throws her head back with a hearty laugh and really enjoys it!

Leandra is a girl with a strong personality.

She reminds me so much of Corina, so I expect very good things in the years to come!

Sometimes she makes me crazy, but mostly I think she is a darling and very fun little girl!!

good things:
she doesn't even know it's her birthday so we can celebrate next week without her knowing

valentine sugar cookies

taking a hot shower after not having a working water heater for 2 days


Megan Jo Eddie said...

I've got to hear this old lady vibrato! That is so funny. What a cutie?

Gina Hallam said...

All of your kiddos are so cute Angela! I just love their little personalities :)

Carissa J said...

LOL The pictures and the title of this post are hilarious. LOVE little Lea... even if she doesn't love me back ;) haha j/k