Thursday, February 16, 2012


 To celebrate Valentine's Day we had a special love family night on Monday evening.

The family was split into partners and each partnership was supposed to find a scripture about love to share with the rest of us.  We ended up with perfect scriptures talking about loving God, family, neighbors, and everyone else.  It was perfect.  We talked about love for our Savior also and I shared this......

from pinterest
Then we sat in a circle and each of us had a heart with our name on it.  We sang songs about love (Love One Another, A happy family, etc.) and passed the hearts around.  When the song was over we got to say something we loved about the person whose heart we had.  We did it a few times, and it was very sweet.  Everyone said such thoughtful and kind things about each other.  Lots of giggling and silliness of course - it just wouldn't be the same without it at our house!

We finished off with Corina's treat....heart shaped sugar cookies that we all made and decorated.  (Even though we all felt sick afterward and vowed never to eat another sugar cookie.  It's tradition!!)

Valentine's Day morning I had set up our table a little bit fancy (kinda hard to make our table look very fancy,  but I tried), and we ate heart-shaped "One-eyed-willies" and pink juice.

image & inspiration found  here

That's about it.

The kids had valentines parties at school.
We didn't make fancy valentines - tried to keep things a little more simple this year.

Best part of the day:
Dave and I celebrate our Valentine's Day 2 weeks earlier every year (when we had our first date), and it's so special to us.  I don't expect anything on V-Day.

This year after dinner he jumped right up and did all the dishes and cleaned the whole kitchen for me (a job he despises).  He came in and whispered to me that flowers die, chocolate makes us fat, but to show how much he really loves me he cleaned my kitchen.  He knows that my love language is totally acts of service, so that was the best gift he could ever give me!

good things:
my valentine
my 9 adorable best friends
funny little hearts cut out by my 4-year old

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Gina Hallam said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! I saw that poser on pintrest and just loved it! It's the perfect reminder :) I also love that Dave did the dishes for you and cleaned the kitchen :) Acts of service is a love language that I totally love!!! So true about flowers and chocolate too :)