Friday, February 24, 2012


Last Friday my Academy girls had the day off.

We went to daddy's office to eat lunch with him.

Akayla & Corina even walked all the way over to the seminary building to eat with us (and skipped choir.....naughty girls!)!

Then we went swimming at the gym.

We had the whole pool and the hot tub to ourselves!!

crabby face

Landon loved the water.

Lea couldn't sit still for 2 seconds.  She kept running around and trying to go from the pool to the hot tub. I was taking care of Landon, and trying to keep her safe.......just about gave me an ulcer.

I don't think I'll bring her swimming again for a long time!

good things:
cold milk
chubby baby cheeks
my mommy is coming tonight

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