Thursday, March 8, 2012

poor poor Corina

It's time for high school registration again and Corina is agonizing over what classes to take.

She has planned on taking 3 AP classes next year, but she also is taking Honors Trigonometry and Anatomy/Physiology (all for college credit).  She is going to take early morning seminary, and she's decided to do BYU Independent Study so she can do her 2 years of foreign language.

The real problem is that there just isn't room in her schedule to do everything she wants to do.....and I'm really mean.  I'm MAKING her take concert choir.  I know - horrible mother.  I just think my kid should have something fun to look forward to every day.  If it's all work and no play we all have to deal with a crabby sister!  I mean what teenager has a 4.2 GPA and looks forward to taking AP chemistry and AP calculus?!!

Corina, Adri & Anna 

good things:
high school only lasts 4 years
2 1/2 weeks until spring break
we got a new trampoline and it just might get warm enough to jump on it this week!!


Megan Jo Eddie said...

She is my inspiration! I love this girl. What a smartie.

Heidi said...

That is awesome that there are so many options for advanced classes here. I remember feeling the same agony in high school... but in college I learned there's more to life than school - like boys!