Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Main Attraction

Mariah got to be the Main Attraction at school last week.

The teacher gave her a packet of pages with questions about her.  She was supposed to color pictures of her favorite book, favorite movie, favorite foods, etc.  She also got to bring pictures of her family, her hero, and of herself.

She got to share the packet with the class, and after she was done the kids could ask questions about her.

I brought Elli, Lea, Landon and Annalisa (since she goes to the same school) to watch.

Mariah is a very shy and quiet girl, but she did a really great job presenting to her class!

About Mariah:

favorite books - Junie B. Jones and American Girls
favorite movies - Harry Potter and 17 Miracles
favorite foods - ice cream, brownies, pesto pasta, pizza
favorite class in school - science
hobbies - swimming, playing piano & cello, clogging, making cookies, playing games with Tanner, drawing, writing stories, and playing with her family
hero - big brother Tanner
happiest - when she's reading in her room
she likes herself because - she's sweet, a good artist, and she's crazy fun!!

good things:
fun teachers
seeing my kids at school
love texts from my sweetie


Heidi said...

That is so sweet that her hero is her big bro!

Bingham Family said...

You seriously have a house full of WONDERFUL kiddos! She looks darling.

Carissa J said...

HA! I'm happiest when I'm reading in my room too! That's so fun that she got to be spotlighted. Another thing I agree with her on is the pesto pasta being one of her favorites - you're the best pesto pasta preparer I know, Ang ;)