Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thanksgiving Point competition

First clogging competition of the season was a success!

Akayla danced champ and pro events yesterday and received 1st place and 2nd place awards for all of her dances (individual, duet and team).  

She started dancing at about 11:00 a.m. yesterday and we didn't get home until midnight.  Long long day!

Unfortunately It was long for Landon too and I didn't get a single picture of Akayla dancing or her teams.  My brother took a video of Akayla doing one of her dances for him today though, so I figured I'd put it on here too.  It's way better when the whole team is doing it, but I love watching her dance so I'm glad to have it.

Today was Mariah's turn.  
She has never danced in a competition before and she was really nervous.

Her first event was freestyle and I couldn't get her to go up on the stage for anything.
We finally found her teacher and she was able to get her to dance.
She did great except she wasn't smiling.
I asked her why she wouldn't smile and she said, "I was too frightened".

She ended up getting 1st place on every event.
She was pretty excited to get a medal and 6 1st place pins!

What a fun day!!

We celebrated at Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant.

My 2 cloggers

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new recipes
playing with cousins
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Amy Saville said...

Hey next time your in our neck of the woods let me know and we'll come say hello. We're only 15 min from Thanksgiving Point. I would totally watch Landon for you as well if you ever needed it. Glad the girls did so well that's awesome!!

Megan Jo Eddie said...

LOVE THE CLOGGING AKAYLA! I could seriously watch this over and over. I wish my girls would want to clog; but I'll keep trying. I used to clog a little and loved it so much. So proud of you! Great job and Mariah looks adorable too.

Gina Hallam said...

Awesome clogging Akayla!!! I love watching cloggers! What a great job everyone did! Way to go Mars!

Bingham Family said...

We just saw the BYU folk dancers on Friday and I was just saying that I could totally see Akayla doing that some day! (If you haven't seen them, they are AMAZING and she would LOVE the clogging... not to mention her music skills). That was random... your girls are awesome!