Saturday, March 17, 2012

stay little

Why can't they just stay little?
Landon is already trying to move around the house - rolling over and getting ready to crawl.

Dave took me to Chili's last night for our date.
At the table next to us was a teeny tiny baby.

Can you believe I actually thought..... I could do that again for one of those!

I wouldn't dare tell my husband.
He's loving the idea of me not being pregnant any more.

I'll just enjoy my little un-cuddly bud and hope for grandkids (but not too soon.....I can wait a few years for that still!).

good things:
sleeping in
experimenting with homemade ice cream
nothing important to do today

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Gina Hallam said...

It makes my heart ache sometimes when I see tiny ones because I wanted more...but when I get to hold them and get my fix, I'm okay :) It's exciting to watch our children grow up, but so hard at the same time... I would love if we could let them be little longer :)