Wednesday, March 28, 2012


My camera is completely broken....never to be used again.

I'm saving for a really nice camera, but I was REALLY hoping my camera would last until I could buy my new one.

Blogging without pictures is blah..... hence the 10 days with no blog posts.

March has been crazy but lovely so far.

*did a big (stressful) fundraiser at our school (PTO pres. remember?).  So glad it's done.

*got to go to a dinner with the oldies but goodies from church (high priests) with super fun entertainment.

*Hunger Games - loved it!  My husband doesn't share my enthusiasm.  He thinks it's offensive and wrong to watch children killing children (I guess when he puts it that way it does sound horrible).  I guess we have to agree to disagree because I LOVE IT!!

*helped Akayla ask a boy to MORP.  Dave made a cd with mission impossible theme music (played in his institute class that morning) - Dave edited his voice to be lower and creepy!  Told the boy if he was going to accept his mission he should meet an agent at Winco at 7:00 that evening.  Our friend (Jared Vincent) dressed up like a secret agent and gave him a clue at Winco.  He had to call another friend (Keith Miller) who told him to proceed to a house (our bro & sister-in-law's) where we had made a GINORMOUS sign that said he completed his mission IF he would go to MORP with Akayla.  Soooooo fun!  Really wish I had pictures of the whole thing.  BUG!!!

*prepared for Akayla & Corina to go on choir tour (left this morning) to Seattle

*celebrated Mariah's 8th birthday with dessert crepes (instead of cake - her choice).  I'll post more about her birthday later.

*spent our first day of spring break at a hotel.  We needed only 2 rooms (thank goodness) attached to each other.  Ate lots of yummy treats, played games, watched tv (since we don't have tv at our house it's kind of a special treat!), had an amazing breakfast, swam for hours, and relaxed in the hot tub.  Instead of taking a big trip we drove about 3 minutes up the road and it was PERFECT!

*went to the temple with my sweetheart and saw a very old friend (I think I'll do a whole post about that).  We even ate in the temple cafeteria - heavenly pie!

*today we are making applesauce with our 2 boxes of apples in our garage.  Hope it goes well and my kitchen doesn't get too sticky!

good things:
coconut cream pie - totally craving some right now
kissing my sweetheart
Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson - cutie!)

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Amy Saville said...

Still waiting for your 11 Things post. I can't wait to read it and you don't need new pictures to do that post. I too loved Hunger Games and David did as well. And to reply to your last comment, totally call us next time you come to Utah I don't think we're too far from your family down here. We could meet somewhere visit and let the kids play.
Love Ya