Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mariah turns 8

Traditionally our 8 year olds get a set of scriptures and things for their baptism (since we mostly have girls this includes a lovely new dress and a Choose the Right necklace).  Our girls also get to have their ears pierced when they turn 8.  I know some people wait until they are older or pierce their babies ears - but our girls get to do it when they are 8.

We spent Mariah's birthday at a hotel nearby.  
We ate pizza for dinner and had (Mariah's choice) dessert crepes.
The next day we went to Claire's to get her ears pierced.

Mars was really scared.  She thought it would really hurt!

squeezing a bear with one hand, and mom's hand with the other

Such a cutie!  I love those freckles and beautiful brown eyes!

It's hard to believe Mariah is already 8 years old.

Things I want to remember about Mariah at this age:

*she's pretty shy and keeps to herself

*she LOVES to clog and is constantly dancing (so much like Akayla)

*she is extremely responsible

*she gets straight A's and schoolwork is a breeze for her

*often when we say things to her she says "what?" several times before getting it -- just a quirky little stage

*she LOVES to read

*finding socks in the sock basket every night is the biggest stress in her life

*she LOVES purple best

*her favorite friend at school is Rachel Riley

*she LOVES Tanner best of all and he really likes her too.  They are always together - playing games, playing outside, and just hanging out in Tanner's room.  He is very protective of her.

*she also LOVES to play the piano and is ZOOMING through her books (also so much like Akayla)

*she is very sensitive and gets her feelings hurt pretty easily, but she forgives easily too

*she is very self conscious about her crooked teeth, but scared to death of the orthodontist.  She will be getting braces next year

*she's a pretty easy going - easy to please girl, unless she has her feelings hurt (then we have to really make her feel loved and life is good again!)

good things:
cute little earrings
playing games with the fam late into the night
discovering Vocal Point - love them!

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Carissa J said...

She's such a cute girl :) I remember how excited I was to get my ears pierced! That's so sweet that Tanner is protective of her. I always wanted a brother like that - we don't always get what we wish for hahaha