Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break

Last week was Spring Break for Dave and all the kids.  We had a great week!

We only had a couple of days with Akayla and Corina because they went on choir tour (I'll post about that later), but it was kinda good to just have time with the other kids.

We made smoothies, played games late into the night, watched fun movies, watched all 4 sessions of conference together, went to the park, had a picnic in the living room (since it was raining outside), and just really enjoyed having dad home all week!

We also took Mariah on her birthday outing - she got her ears pierced, we went to kiwi loco, and we went to see the movie Hugo - just mom, dad, and Mariah!

Adri felt like the big sister and she really stepped up to it.  She helped with hair, cooking, and taking care of every little thing.  I took her on a timeout while the boys went to the priesthood session Saturday night and it was like the perfect end to a great week.

This week I still have Anna and Mariah home (the beauty of a "modified" year round school!).
I made a folder with fun Easter activities for us to do together for each day of the week.
As soon as the kids finish chores and practicing we will open a folder and do the activities together.

Dave got a smartphone this week (we really hemmed and hawed about this decision - should we spend the extra money every month for the data package or not?  so far we're really loving it and can't believe we did something so non-frugal!).  
It has a pretty ok camera, so I'm very grateful since it's the only camera we'll have for awhile.  
And I was finally able to take some pictures!!!

Brooklyn's Park in between conference sessions:

Mars, Anna & Elli

Tanner and the girls

the girls loved these big swings that they could sit on together

Lea was in heaven and just kept shooting off every second to try every new little thing!

I don't know what's so fun about twisting and twisting until you're sick.....
Elli Belly

Lea wanted to go right back up the slide after going down....
we finally trained her to jump off and climb the stairs to the top!

Tanner is the coolest big brother

Tanner didn't want to come at first - I told him I needed help with Lea - but he LOVED the tire swing!

mom's shadow
I'm not sure why Lea was so upset at this moment, but this picture really cracks me up!


Elli striking a pose

so many fun things to do!

Dave's back has been hurting for a bit so he was able to get in to the chiropractor this week.  Unfortunately he has 2 bulging discs and was down for a lot of the week, and he couldn't go to the park with us. He has to wear a back and neck brace for about 6 weeks, and no basketball.

We ate a nice breakfast during the morning sessions of conference, including our traditional sugar cereal (which many of my kids say is their favorite tradition - funny!).

During the 2nd session of conference each day we did an activity I copied from a friend, and we LOVED it!  We will totally do this again next year.  It was perfect since we weren't hungry enough for a big meal, but we were ready for some munchies.

Pretty obvious - when the word was said we got to have the snack from that bowl.  We had some sweet, some salty, and we also had apples and cheese to round it all out!

good things:
time off
a lovely new day
yummy smells

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