Friday, April 6, 2012


David's back has really been hurting lately.

During spring break he went to the chiropractor hoping to get fixed.

Unfortunately, the doctor discovered that he has 2 bulging discs and he has to take it easy for awhile.
Which means no basketball.


He's been wearing his back and neck brace faithfully, and has been feeling a bit better.

Tanner has been anxious for track to start this year.

He's a very fast runner, and he has a really good jump also.

Track is a sport that makes him really happy.

Unfortunately, this year his knee has really started giving him some problems.

He didn't have any specific injury, but his knee was swelling a bunch.

I got him in to a sports injury doctor who told us he has OSGOOD-SCHLATTER disease.

Sounds bad, but it basically means he's growing too fast for his knee joints to keep up.
Dave had the same thing at this age.

He has grown a bunch in the past 6 months - he's even passed Akayla up.

He's been wrapping his knee and putting ice on it when he gets home, and so far he's been able to run.....but I'm a little worried that he might not be able to finish up the season.

When I got home from the store yesterday I found Tanner on the couch with his leg up, and Dave on our bed with pillows under his head and his neck & back braces on.

I feel like a nurse in a hospital!

good things:
it snowed?  not really good, but I'm trying to be positive
it's Friday
I got a great sleep last night!

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