Monday, April 30, 2012


This is our family journal/scrapbook so I hate getting behind.

Morp was about 3 weeks ago and Prom is this weekend so I really need to catch up!

Akayla went to Morp with a sweet boy she's been dating this year.

They went to Homecoming together, and have gone on many many fun dates (though she dates other boys in between because she doesn't want to be exclusive with anyone).

He started spring semester at BYU-Idaho about a week later so they had to make this a good one.

Akayla and her friend Ivy decided to do team t-shirts and make the whole night a big competition between couples.  
Aka and Ivy before the dance

They played a bunch of very funny minute-to-win-it games, basketball, feather volleyball, and laser tag.  

Akayla and Joe had a great time doing ballroom & swing dancing at the dance (the other couple sat there because Ivy's date doesn't like to dance....what a bum!).

After the dance they came back here and had chocolate fondue with all kinds of fruit and angel food cake.  YUM!  

good things:
anything chocolate
listening to my kids practice 
helping with homework

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Heidi said...

What a fun picture! Some of those minute to win it games can get pretty crazy, but we had lot of fun doing them at Jared's work party. What a great idea for a date.