Tuesday, April 24, 2012

choir tour

I'm only a few weeks behind on my blog.
Things get kinda crazy around here sometimes and I can't even find 2 minutes to blog let alone get all my laundry done (oh how I despise laundry.....what was I thinking having 9 kids when I hate laundry so much?!!!)

Akayla and Corina went to Seattle, Washington on choir tour this year.

They had the time of their life.

I love that they wanted to be in the same room together and that they spent the entire week together (along with about 10 other kids).  They were pretty much inseparable (except for a certain boy that Corina was pretty much attached to.... I wonder if you can guess which one).

They got home at about 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning and I had to go pick them up at Century.
I was actually afraid I would fall asleep driving but it turned out fine.

They got to spend a day touring the city (which seemed so big compared to Pocatello), going up to the Space Needle, hanging out at Pike's Place Market, shopping at a HUGE mall, and they got to go on a dinner cruise with a really fun dance.  Oh, and of course they sang a little bit too!

I'm sure they could go into all kinds of detail, but since this is my blog this is the condensed version.

Just a few pictures of their super fun week:

Under the Space Needle!!

their whole group at the top of the space needle 
Wish I had better copies of these pictures!  After a rainy day in Seattle they got to go on a dinner cruise with a dance.....their hair was a little flat, but I don't think anyone noticed!

Corina on the dinner cruise with her boys

good things:
having everyone back home
beautiful hot days
our trampoline is all fixed!

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