Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nationals at Lagoon

This weekend I am in Utah.....with Akayla, Corina, Adriana, Mariah, and Landon.

We also brought Akayla's favorite boy (Cade), and Corina's best friend Jordan.

So much dancing, perfectly warm weather, cheering until our throats hurt, keeping Mr. Bud happy, and lots of walking back & forth to different stages.

Akayla and Mariah both got 1st place on all of their solos, freestyles & duets.  Akayla even got a high gold on her champ duet.  She got 4th place overall in her duet for pro.  Don't know the rest of the scores until after the awards show tonight, but we didn't want to stay to find out.  Akayla's hoping to be an All-American again.  They both did well and had fun - and that's all that really matters anyway!

Pretty much love nationals!

This very minute the big kids are playing like crazy at Lagoon - having a blast.

The younger kids and I are relaxing and enjoying some time with my family.

Mariah got to go to the Ice Capades with the cousins last night.

Genelle, Akayla, Cade, Corina, Jordan, and Adriana went to see "The Avengers" last night.

Tonight my parents and I are taking Adriana to Desert Star Playhouse too see "The Princess Bridesmaid".  We're very excited!

I found some pictures of Nationals 4 years ago - crazy how much kids change in 4 years.

Akayla & Corina

Adri & Corina
Mariah - so tired!

good things:
fun weekends
spending time with family
watching my girls perform

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