Saturday, June 16, 2012

not forgotten part 2: Akayla

Time is zooming by so fast.  

I read somewhere that a mother has something like 960 Saturdays with their children before they leave for college.
I only have about 50 of those left.
I have no regrets - we have not wasted many of those Saturdays.
But I plan on enjoying every last moment I have with my girl!

beautiful girl!!

Akayla and good friend Tanner

Akayla and Shardell

Akayla at 17:

*getting excited and so nervous for college

*loves spending time with her siblings - sometimes she acts too much like the mom, but mostly she is so sweet and fun with them

*discovered another artistic side this year in an art class at school

*loves to play the piano whenever she is sad/happy/stressed/relaxed.  She is the choir pianist at church, she plays for YW often, and she is asked all the time to accompany for musical numbers and special programs.   She's really amazing and I love hearing her play!

*loves to talk and has a need to express her thoughts, but she also needs to hear others thoughts and kind words.  We have discovered that her main love language is words of affirmation.

*is enjoying dating lots of different boys --- she has a favorite, but she has no desire to be in a serious relationship at this age

*has loved choir at school and decided to try out for Century Singers (like madrigals).  She made it and is very excited for next year!

*she is always aware of others needs, and she's always willing to put off what she wants to help.  Every day I can count on her to be at my side preparing dinner, taking care of babies, cleaning up, helping with homework, driving people places, and keeping order.........she is just amazing!

*she spends a lot of time getting herself beautiful in the morning, but she has no problem wrestling around and having a good time -- she's no prissy princess!

*has such a strong spiritual nature.  She knows who she is, where she is going, and nothing will hold her back.

*loves clogging, playing the violin, listening to music - all kinds, being with friends, sitting around talking, playing games, being outside, riding bikes, and trying new things

It's hard to believe my little girl has grown up so much.
As much as I miss that little girl, I love who Akayla is now.
She and I have always been very close because we think so alike!
She is one of my very best friends - I'm so lucky to have several living in my own house!  
I'm excited to see what the next few years bring for my little girl!  (I'd be lying if I didn't admit it kills me too - but I am excited for her!)

good things:
being a mom and watching your kids grow
when Landon only wants me
reading to Lea

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Jamie said...

Congratulations on being the choir accompanist Akayla! That is so amazing, I bet you do wonderful!

Angela, I miss you guys so much. I'm so glad I can read your blog so I can follow your amazing example. And I absolutely LOVE your summer points program. I so need to do this with my littles!!!!

I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you about pictures for's been crazy. Patrick's sister got married last week and my sister is getting married in just a few weeks now. I will email you as soon as possible so I can get you price quote. Hope you are all doing well!!!